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Sensory Restoration 


Technology to restore 

loss of smell and taste.

Anosmia is loss of smell triggered by traumatic brain injury, illness or underlying conditions that impact the part of the brain responsible for receiving this sensation. LEARN MORE

What is Anosmia
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Our Technology

Sensory Restoration Technologies is leading the way with real solutions for patients living with anosmia. Similar to the life changing technology that cochlear implants bring to those with hearing loss, SRT applies the concepts of brain stimulation to restore smell and taste. Currently in development, the Olfactory Implant System (OIS) is already providing hope to the millions of patients with loss of smell.

Ice_Sensory Restoration Tech INFOGRAPHIC

The Olfactory Implant


How it


  1. The external sensors detect odors.

  2. Signals from the sensor transmit to the external processor to be coded. 

  3. The external processor sends a unique code (based on the odorants) to the transmitter.

  4. The transmitter sends the signal wirelessly across the scalp to the internal receiver-stimulator.

  5. The internal receiver-stimulator sends the signal through a wire to the electrode array on the olfactory cortex.

  6. The Olfactory cortex is stimulated with a unique pattern based on the original odor.

  7. Brain perceives a sense of smell.

Our Company




Our Company began when two leading researchers in their respective fields, (Richard Costanzo, PhD — an olfactory physiologist, and Daniel Coelho, MD —a cochlear implant surgeon) crossed

paths with a man, Scott, who had

suffered a traumatic brain injury

leading to his loss of smell. Scott

grappled with the feeling of losing his

sense of smell for a while, leading to

great distress. Costanzo and Coelho had come across many patients like Scott before and understood the

devastating physical and psychological effects of losing a lifelong sensory

experience. As no other good treatments for loss of smell and taste existed, Costanzo and Coelho focused their research efforts. Together with the help of Scott and many others like him, SRT leads the world in brain stimulation to restore the sense of smell.



Living Well
Ice_Sensory Restoration Tech_LivingWell_

Smell and taste are huge factors in enjoying your life, including with food, a common ritual that often brings us together in many cultures. Our researchers had already begun working on the implant but wanted to get the message out there and really change how patients viewed their outlook on the future. Instead of accepting their fate, we really want patients to be excited and hopeful that there are researchers who truly are working tirelessly to someday restore their sense of smell and taste, so that they can live life to the fullest extent possible.

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